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Tips on how to efficiently water your lawn!

Water is precious, schedule it! Tips on how to efficiently water your lawn.

Are you getting the most out of your sprinkling system? Is your lawn getting the short end of the stick while the cement on your driveway stays well hydrated? Well, it’s not supposed to!

We all understand how precious water is and should do our best to conserve it, not only for the environment but your bank account as well! Chances are, that much of your watering has been in vain due to the following factors.

Watering Schedule
The time of day that you water is crucial to conservation and getting optimal results. Homeowners who choose to water in the middle of the day don’t realize that much of their water is evaporated, especially during a brutal Texas summer.

According to our experts, the optimal time to water is between 5-10 AM and 7 PM-12 AM, although it is recommended to water in the morning rather than at night. Grass that is left wet overnight is at a much greater risk for the disease.

Annual Irrigation Checks
Another simple way to maximize your watering efficiency is to plan an annual irrigation check. Ever notice a random patch of grass that isn’t doing so hot? This is likely due to an irrigation issue, whether it be a broken line or sprinkler head, that’s money down the drain (Ha, get it?)
Good thing is, we’ve got your back. Our team at Just Us can test your irrigation annually to ensure the accurate amount of water covers your lawn – not your driveway.

If you think you are in need of an irrigation check, or perhaps a brand new sprinkler system, choose the experts at Just Us when looking for landscape design and maintenance.

Please call us at 512-298-1902 or visit our scheduling tab to set an appointment.”