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Top Landscaping Trends of 2020

Top Landscaping Trends of 2020

Now that we have settled into the New Year, it’s time for us to tell you the hottest trends of 2020. 

Ornate and Geometric Hardscaping 

This design element is now being requested and implemented during the design process. Patterns like waves, chevron, lattice and basket weaves are being used in walkway designs and vertical garden displays. 

Contemporary and Traditional Designs

This is a trend that appeals to ALL generations. Utilizing your backyards multi-season functionality is key. Whether or not this means building an outdoor kitchen, or placing an outdoor fire pit or a modern water fixture. These additions are timeless and will always be sought after in home design. 

Shades of Blue 

Blue seems to be the color of the year. Sherwin Williams announced that their color of the year will be a strong yet calming dark blue, Naval. PPG also announced Chinese Porcelain, a moody cobalt blue, as their color for 2020. You can add pops of blue to your outdoor furniture, garden, and pathway. Add throw pillows to your seating area, plant hydrangeas to your garden or add a water feature at the end of your pathway. There are plenty of ways to use this calming, relaxing color to your landscape design. 

Sustainable Gardens 

It seems as if this past decade was all about the “farm-to-table” style of dining out. In 2020 we are focusing on taking that trend to your own kitchen table! Whether or not you decide to plant horizontally or vertically, you can add your favorite veggies and herbs to grow and cook with!

High-Tech Watering Systems

Since you can control practically everything from your phone, why not your lawns sprinkler system? There are plenty of water integration systems that will accompany your landscape design to choose from. Making sure there is a sprinkler/watering system for your plants and greenery needs. All you have to do is press a button. 

Secluded Spaces

Another trend on the rise is “secret gardens.”  Creating a hidden space for tranquility is great for a small getaway just steps away from your living room.