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New Green Industry Trends Happening in 2019

New Green Industry Trends Happening in 2019


New technologies are constantly driving the evolution of the landscape design industry

New Generational Wave?

New homebuyers are not as concerned with lawn aesthetics as previous generations but are
concerned about taking a more organic approach to landscaping. This newer generation of
homebuyers has taken on a technology-centered approach to landscaping practices, such as
using new organic methods of weed control and smart irrigation systems. This offers new
challenges in keeping up with the new consumer expectations and in meeting product and
service expectations.

Keeping up with Technology

Aerial photography is a new method in landscaping that allows for more innovative and
efficient landscaping designs. Additionally, apps that can control systems remotely are
becoming much more popular. These apps can control pool functions, help identify insects and
plants, all at the convenience of your fingertips.

The Switch to Batteries

Battery-powered equipment is also a new popular trend emerging in 2019. A push for the usage
of battery-powered equipment comes from local municipalities that have a growing concern for
environmentally-conscious landscaping methods. The demand for battery-powered equipment
will be an interesting development in the way that landscapers operate and meet consumer

Just Us specializes in xeriscaping and low maintenance landscapes

Busy Days? Low-maintenance Lawns

The average American does not have much time to landscape, leading to a higher demand of
low-maintenance landscaping designs. This can ultimately reduce the cost of maintaining a
lawn as well, which is an added bonus to homeowners. Some of these new low-maintenance
landscapes include native or drought-resistant plants and innovative landscape designs that cut
out time consuming chores such as pruning and mulching.


A new trend emerging in 2019 is the demand for “pollinator gardens.” Homeowners have
become more aware of the decreasing bee and butterfly populations, which has increased the
demand for landscapes that are designed to be more ‘pollinator-friendly.’ In some cases,
federal grants can even help cover a percentage of these new environmentally-conscious
landscape designs.

Asymmetric Landscaping

Hardscapes like this fire patio and waterfall are designed and installed by the experts at Just Us

Homeowners prefer a more natural feel that asymmetric landscaping can offer. Asymmetric
landscaping can give the impression of a less-formal and low-maintenance lawn. In addition,
this new trend offers more creativity in design and a unique approach to fit every homeowner’s

Secluded Spaces

Privacy is a growing demand for many homeowners, and the request for more of a cozy
outdoor living space has increased in 2019. While landscaping has long been used as a way to
create a space for entertaining guests and family, it’s more recently turned towards a relaxing
sanctuary for homeowners to rest and unwind in after busy schedules. Natural hedges and lush
foliage that give the sense of privacy and seclusion are likely to be seen more often in 2019.